IT mergers down under: Who's next?

The times are ripe for the big fish to swallow the little fish and IT is no exception. In the past week Oracle and Fujitsu have purchased Sun and Supply Chain Consultants respectively -- in this episode of Patch Monday we delve into the details.
Written by Renai LeMay, Contributor and  Chris Duckett, Contributor

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Fujitsu Australia is on a buying spree, with Kaz and now Supply Chain Consultants in its bag. But who's next in the Australian IT market, and who will be doing the buying?

In this episode of Patch Monday, we also examine consolidation in what Oracle will get from Sun for the sum of US$7.4 billion and what the local impact is. Is Larry Ellison the new undisputed king of Silicon Valley?

Across the ditch, Melbourne IT subsidiary Domainz was the victim of a DNS hack that affected big name sites belonging to large multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Xerox and F-Secure. Patch Monday looks at how big a problem is for Melbourne IT and what the possible damage could be.

Coles appears to have withdrawn from the big picture retail IT battle with Woolworths. The retailer is instead looking at a pragmatic overhaul of its liquor store IT. But does Coles' new attitude represent a step back from its former thought leadership position as hosting one of Australia's most important IT departments, and is this a good thing?

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