IT Priorities special report: E-commerce

E-commerce is on every company's agenda, but implementing a successful, secure system is far from straightforward. Read this indispensible guide to find out how to do it properly
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In May we invited ZDNetWeek subscribers to take part in a new research project. The IT Priorities research programme profiles technology issues and priorities that are foremost in ZDNet UK readers' minds, and identifies which technology trends you believe will most affect your IT environment now and in the future.

By understanding your plans and concerns, we are able to deliver the information you need to make critical business decisions around these priorities. The first round of research is complete and the full results will be published on ZDNet UK later in July.

When we asked you what your IT priorities are, you told us that Web technologies are high on every agenda. Today, it is e-commerce in particular that is tying up developer time, whereas you are only beginning to implement Web services which are still, for many companies, on the drawing board or at best in pilot form. Microsoft's collection of products and services called .Net Framework, meanwhile, is still in the very early stages of evaluation at most companies, although many of you are already starting to look at what -- if anything -- XML and .Net will be able to for your businesses in 24 months' time.

Here, we examine e-commerce: how to get started, what products and ideas are sure-fire winners, what laws you need to be aware of and how to go about securing your e-commerce operation. The E-commerce Toolkit will direct you to further practical help and information on running a successful e-commerce operation.

E-commerce special report:

What works with e-commerce

Getting started with e-commerce

Know your e-commerce laws

E-commerce security

Find out more with ZDNet UK's E-commerce Toolkit

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