It's not just California: angel groups active across U.S.

The Angel Resource Institute's first Halo Report shows that angel activity is humming across the U.S., and not just in California.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Launch a startup in Atlanta? Why not?

The aptly-named Angel Resource Institute recently released its first quarterly "Halo Report" that summarizes activity across the U.S., and its numbers demonstrate that California's mindshare is bigger than its actual share of investment dollars.

To be fair, the Golden State leads other regions of the U.S. by a sizable margin, but you'd be surprised to see how much activity is going on elsewhere.

In short:

  • California: 21% of deals, 30% of dollars
  • Great Lakes: 16% of deals, 11% of dollars
  • New England: 15% of deals, 14% of dollars
  • Southeast: 12% of deals, 20% of dollars
  • Mid-Atlantic: 9% of deals, 7% of dollars
  • Southwest: 9% of deals, 8% of dollars
  • Northwest: 7% of deals, 2% of dollars
  • New York: 7% of deals, 6% of dollars
  • Great Plains: 4% of deals, 2% of dollars

If you dive into the full deck -- though we won't fault you if you skim the infographic -- you'll find that behind the catchall "Internet" sector, which had 39 percent of deals in 2011, is healthcare, with 24 percent. (Mobile and telecom took third, with 10 percent.) And it was healthcare that actually took top billing in terms of dollars, with 37 percent of all investments in 2011.

Go West, young man? Perhaps just go to your nearest angel instead.

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