It's the Gadget Ho-ho-ho-Down

silicon.com's festive giveaway bonanza!
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

silicon.com's festive giveaway bonanza!

Christmas has come early to silicon.com with the launch of our brand new TV show and giveaway bonanza, the Gadget Ho-ho-ho-Down. This week we're giving you the lowdown on the world of PDAs, followed by a round-up of some of the best high-tech stocking-fillers for the festive season. It's a chance to see the new Compaq iPaq in action, and compare it to the Palm and the Handspring. The show also sees the British television debut of one of next year's biggest stars - blacker than a panther in a coal cellar, fruitier than Elton John, more useful than both of them rolled into one - it's the Blackberry handheld email device! We're also checking out some of the most essential techno tools for gaining competitive advantage in a tough marketplace - digital cameras and robotic dogs. Best of all, we're not just showing it to you - We're giving it away! To you! For nothing! Watch the video, answer a few simple questions, and your usual Christmas haul of naff jumpers and socks will be boosted with a 15" flat screen monitor! Or one of five Palm m505 PDAs! And more other techno goodies than Bill Gates ever dreamed of! Just answer the five simple questions in our competition and stand by to receive a sleigh-load full of seasonal delight: http://www.silicon.com/goto-cgc-ed Best of all, the fun will keep going even after the last needle has fallen off the tree and imbedded itself in the carpet - our gadget review and giveaway TV show will be a regular feature. So it'll be a Happy New Year as well as a Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho! To watch the videos and enter the competition, click here: http://www.silicon.com/goto-cgc-ed
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