It's the last day of school!

So what do I need to do? A few things, actually. It's time to make a list.
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

So what do I need to do? A few things, actually. It's time to make a list.

Several thin clients have hit hardware snags (surprising since they have so little actual hardware to fail); others need to just be reimaged (those darned kids). Right now, the thin clients all have static IP addresses assigned to them as well to easily snag kids doing bad stuff. Summer time always sees the labs pulled apart so that floors can be refinished, so at the very least, all of the thin clients need to be labeled with their IP addresses and any problems need to be noted. I kept meaning to label them all year; there's one project the interns never got to.

Our CAD/digital media lab needs every computer reimaged. I'm buying Ghost. Enough already. There's just too much darned software to install and I need a really simple solution to quickly restore images throughout the year. I hate buying software, so feel free to suggest FOSS alternatives, but I think Norton is going to be getting some of my money.

All five servers are being wiped and set up from scratch. I'm rebuilding Active Directory while I'm at it since we've migrated our core AD structure through three upgrades. In fact, if I have my way about it, we'll be adding a new server (or two) along with some connectivity upgrades and handling Active Directory for the entire district in one spot. I'm running out of IP addresses, so DHCP will be rebuilt with an eye towards scalability while all of our network printers will get consistent addresses and be redeployed via AD. Active Directory is actually my favorite Microsoft product, but it needs care and maintenance; unfortunately ours has been neglected for too long.

Our long-suffering PE teachers don't have any connectivity out in their concrete fortress known as the locker rooms, so fiber is headed out there. Most of our internal connectivity has been upgraded, but we still only have one line into the server closet; it's time for a couple of bonded lines to take full advantage of the high end switches installed there.

Of course, we also have all of the teacher laptops rolling in; I suppose the teachers would like to have them in September with some training on how to use Windows Vista and/or OS X.

And they say teachers get the summers off.

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