iWork for iPad updated with Excel and PowerPoint export support

Apple updated the iWork suite to include support for exporting Numbers and Keynote documents into Excel and PowerPoint. The iWork suite is now much more useful for Office users.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I wrote a comparative article on iPad Office apps back in June and while I thoroughly enjoy using the iWork suite, the lack of ability to export Numbers and Keynote into Excel and PowerPoint kept me from using it as my primary Office suite. I just read over on TiPb that the three apps in the iWord suite for the iPad have all been updated with Numbers and Keynote adding in the ability to export to Excel and PowerPoint.

As you can see in the TiPb post there are a large number of new features, updates, and fixes in each of the applications and I just finished updating my iPad apps to try out more this week. With these updated apps and a Bluetooth keyboard you really can get work done on the go with an iPad.

In addition to the new exporting support, some other updates that appeal to me are the improvements in font, size and color settings for individual Numbers cells, ability to group and ungroup objects, and improved creation and editing of hyperlinks.

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