IXOS to be implemented enterprise-wide

IXOS secures contract to supply IXOS-ARCHIVE to Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) that will optimise efficiency and productivity in group of 58 companies.
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SINGAPORE - IXOS Software Asia, a subsidiary of IXOS Software AG, the world's leading supplier of eBusiness document management solutions in SAP™ inter-enterprise environments, announced today that the Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies South East Asia (JJSEA) has decided to implement IXOS-ARCHIVE enterprise-wide. The sales contract was sealed at a signing ceremony today.

As the enterprise-wide data archiving solution for JJSEA's SAP R/3 system, the eventual roll-out of IXOS-ARCHIVE will span the entire group of 58 companies - in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan - with over 900 users. Currently, its core business areas include Chemicals, Communications, Industrial Products, Marketing, Material Handling, Packaging and Process Technology. The roll-out for the group will kick-off in September and will be managed by Electra Data Services (EDS) - the IT arm of JJSEA which provides overall technical expertise, services and support for the entire group. The system is expected to go live by end of this year.

IXOS-ARCHIVE - an enterprise-wide business document solution - automates the imaging, archiving, retrieval, sharing, delivery and re-use of data and information within organisations and between business partners. It is designed to handle high volumes of documents and can be deployed globally.

According to Mr CL Chong, general manager of EDS, IXOS-ARCHIVE forms part of JJSEA's latest technological investment to achieve overall optimum operation and productivity throughout the organisation. "After implementing the SAP system, we foresee the immense data accumulation as a critical asset that needs to be properly managed. Hence, it results in the need for a reliable and scalable data-archiving solution that is able to work seamlessly with our platform. "

"Also, within the SAP inter-enterprise software solutions environment, IXOS-ARCHIVE has proven itself in ensuring seamless data exchange and integration between respective applications making the single platform concept possible. With the added fact that IXOS is a mySAP.com™ Software Partner, this gives us the great advantage of having access to other mySAP.com solutions that will help us in future implementations," he said.

Mr Steven Lee, technology manager of EDS, anticipated that the implementation will keep data growth to a minimum thus achieving overall cost-savings. "IXOS-ARCHIVE will enable a faster transactional process and ready online real time information for users to make better and effective decisions."

"Since its establishment in the early 1960s, JJSEA has grown to become the provider of technological products and services with a reputation for quality, reliability and value for its customers and business partners. We are proud to be part of its vision and quest by providing our proven solution that aims to help the organisation realise an unparalleled competitive edge and significant returns on investments," said Mr Hannes Steiner, vice-president of IXOS Software Asia Pacific.

Upon complete implementation of the data archiving module of IXOS-ARCHIVE, JJSEA intends to harness the capabilities of the imaging module to streamline business document management workflow within the organisation thereby further improving operational efficiency. "In today's e-world, speed is key to business success. The IXOS-ARCHIVE imaging solution will enable employees to retrieve documents with a click of the mouse and reduce lead time for processing documents," said Mr Chong.

About IXOS

IXOS is a provider of solutions for the management of eBusiness documents in inter-enterprise system environment. The IXOS product portfolio is based on internet technologies such as Java and XML. IXOS products ensure companies a seamless integration of eBusiness documents in business processes and allow customers the secure archiving of eBusiness Documents and their dynamic management. The highly scalable product line, IXOS-ARCHIVE, digitizes, archives and manages large document and data volumes enterprise-wide. The Internet document portal, IXOS-eCON, is a solution for the management of dynamic business documents, which continuously change in inter-enterprise business processes. IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE enables efficient management of eBusiness Documents and mailboxes for the Microsoft Exchange platform.

IXOS shares are listed on the Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and trade under the symbol "XOS". IXOS's American Depositary Shares (ADSs) trade on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol "XOSY".

About Jebsen & Jessen

Building upon a strong traditional lineage of trade and business for more than a century, Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies South East Asia (JJSEA) has grown to be a provider of technology and products. Since its establishment in Singapore in the early 1960s, it now has operations in seven core business areas - Chemicals, Communications, Industrial Products, Marketing, Material Handling, Packaging and Process Technology - and has over 2,500 staff in a network of 58 companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. The Electra Data Services (EDS) - comprising Standards & Applications Group and Systems & Technical Support Service - has overall responsibility for technical expertise, services and support, for the entire group.

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