James Bond on solar energy

Organizers of a short film contest to promote solar energy had hoped a little prize money would attract some amateur filmmakers. They didn't expect a film production dream team to enter.
Written by Kirsten Korosec, Contributor

Organizers of a short film contest to promote solar energy were apparently mystified after receiving "The Man with the Golden Sun," a James Bond parody video of such high production quality it clearly cost more than the $1,500 first prize being offered, Midwest Energy News reported. So, Environment Minnesota, the group that hosted the contest, contacted the producers.

The contest organizers discovered that a team of more than 50 people led by Steve and Lisa Fait produced the film. Lisa Fait works for a solar company in San Francisco. Her husband, who has a decade of film studio experience,  works at Splice, a Minneapolis production company. Lisa Fait told the organization the contest allowed them to pool their passions and that the effort would hopefully help bring her career to Minnesota.

The contest wrapped up late last month. Check out the video below. It struck me a little odd that the villain is pushing solar. Still, it's a slick, fun-to-watch short film that crams in a bunch of solar facts. Kudos to who ever threw in the creepy kid at the end. The rest of the finalists including second place winner "Ol' Roun Sun" and third place finisher "Year 2035" can be found here.

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