Japan tsunami videos: Footage you have to see to believe

Here is some of the most amazing and heart-aching footage of the tsunami in Japan.
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor

As the days pass in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, more videos keep making their way onto the Internet filmed by those experiencing the tragedies first-hand -- be it in a helicopter, on top of a building, or even on the ground. These videos show not only the sheer disaster instantly gripping Japan, but they also serve as examples of how advancements in technology have created a ubiquitous camera eye allowing for so many people to capture and share their experiences with the rest of the world.

Although these grim scenes have an unreal, movie-like feel to them insofar as what we see happening, to know that what you're seeing is reality certainly evokes a myriad of emotions. I can only imagine what it must have been like to live through this shockingly surreal experience. Preempted by my interest in finding all the unique footage I could, below are some of the most devastatingly heart-aching videos captured of the tsunami. Approach with caution as some of the footage may be difficult to watch.

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