Jaspersoft 3.7 reaches high into enterprise, and Oracle's backyard

Jaspersoft is moving higher up the food chain - and deeper into Oracle territory.On Tuesday, the open source developer unveiled the first enterprise edition of its popular business intelligence software suite.
Written by Paula Rooney, Contributor

Jaspersoft is moving higher up the food chain - and deeper into Oracle territory.

On Tuesday, the open source developer unveiled the first enterprise edition of its popular business intelligence software suite.

The enterprise edition offers many of the same functions in more expensive proprietary BI platforms, such as "in-memory analysis capabilities and more to solve enterprise-class BI problems for organizations of all sizes," the company said.

The JasperSoft 3.7 platform, available today, now comes in three editions: community, professional and enterprise. The new enterprise addition offers advanced, scalable features including OLAP, data integration, audit logging and multi-tenancy capabilities, the company said.

The core 3.7 platform upgrade also offers new search capabilities, FLASH-based interactive chart design and new management features.  Here's the drill down, as provided by Jaspersoft:

Customers will find answers faster with new interactive functions in Jaspersoft's integrated in-memory analysis, letting users slice, pivot, filter, drill, and visualize their data.

Users will be able to quickly surface and categorize reports with the new search powered report repository.

New advanced Flash-based visualizations will make reports, dashboards, and applications more powerful. Customers will be able to display information in a wide variety of interactive chart types, including maps.

New manageability features gives administrators control and visibility into the Jaspersoft BI platform.  Audit logging detects which reports ran when and for how long, as well as providing more tuning features for performance optimization of the in-memory analysis processing.

Customers are enabled to perform iterative design of reports within a web-based report designer with new report editing capabilities.

Jaspersoft has targeted the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market in the past. But now it's ready for prime time, execs say.

In his blog, Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile emphasized the launch of the new enterprise edition and took a jab at proprietary enterprise BI providers. It's a list that includes, of course,  Oracle.

"The Enterprise Edition is packaged and priced for customers of any size who are dealing with complex BI challenges and advanced workloads, but are too smart to over-spend on an aged, proprietary BI products," Gentile wrote.

JasperSoft's platform works with leading open source databases including MySQL and Ingres.  Has the Oracle purchase of mySQL strained its relationship with JasperSoft?

JasperSoft names Oracle as a database technology partner and has not dissed Oracle's purchase of mySQL publicly. In fact, Gentile urged the European Union in November to drop its questioning of the Oracle-Sun merger, claiming that competition has been restored to the software market (due to open source models, presumably) and that it's become too difficult for any one vendor to own a software market.

The company will no doubt continue to partner with mySQL. But in his blog this week, not surprisingly, Gentile highlighted Ingres.

“We are thrilled to see Jaspersoft respond to the demands of their customers by introducing a new powerful Enterprise Edition with advanced BI functionality. At Ingres, we are believers in the democratization of business intelligence as part of a larger trend to embed intelligence and collaboration deep into the organization,” Roger Burkhardt, CEO of Ingres. "Open source software, in particular Ingres Database and Jaspersoft 3.7, provides a far less expensive, faster and easier path to value, even for advanced customer requirements.”

A one-year unlimited subscription to Jaspersoft starts at $35,000.

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