Javelina spears Active Directory time-hogs

Updated ADvantage Elements streamline various user tasks.
Written by Nadia Ilyin, Contributor
Javelina announced this week version 2.5.1 of its ADvantage Elements tools for management and bulk processing of Microsoft Active Directory tasks. Each tool in the set offers upgrades and new features, including extensions to reporting and import mechanisms.

The ADvantage Elements include ADuser, ADsearch, ADgroups, ADcontacts and ADreporter. They streamline such tasks as adding users, deleting or disabling user accounts, resetting passwords, modifying AD attributes or configuring Exchange mailboxes.

To support bulk changes, ADvantage allows the importing of user names from such sources such as spreadsheet files or the results of its own searches. Tasks can be set to run during off-peak hours and to recur on a regular schedule, generating logs for later inspection.

Javelina said that ADvantage eliminates the labor-intensive aspect of Active Directory management tasks and allows the administrator to delegate the use of preconfigured tools.

Major new features in the ADreporter and ADsearch tools include the ability to report on computer accounts in Active Directory, the ability to search and replace on computer properties and attributes, and new options for configuring e-mail. All the reporting tools now allow the user to import a specific list of objects rather than an entire organizational unit or domain. More AD attributes have been added to the list of those that can be imported by the tools.

ADvantage Elements 2.5.1 is available now and is free to licensed users. The bundled tools are priced at $995 per administrator. The tools are also available separately at $300 each per administrator.

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