JayBird Freedom Sprint shrinks and standardizes charging port (review)

I sweat a LOT when I workout and have been enjoying the lifetime sweatproof guaranteed JayBird Freedom headset. The new Sprint model is 40% smaller and uses microUSB to charge.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

A couple years ago I was introduced to JayBird's earphone products with the Endorphin and Tiger Eyes models. They were solid workout earphones, but I was much more pleased with the JayBird Freedom model that brought Bluetooth wireless connectivity. I didn't like the unique charging cable and had to make efforts to never misplace it and thankfully the new JayBird Freedom Sprint model uses a standard microUSB port to charge.

Check out my image gallery with several pictures of the new JayBird Freedom Sprint.

In addition to the standard microUSB port for charging, you will find the JayBird Freedom Sprint earphones are 40% smaller and have the small indicator light on the inside (facing your head rather than out towards others). While the headset is much smaller, JayBird states you will see 25% less play time. This results in about 4.5 hours of play time (Freedom model is 6 hours) and with all of my runs being less than 2 hours this is not a concern for me. I also like that the outside now has a soft touch matte finish rather than a glossy black finish.

Inside the attractive black and neon green retail package you will find the JayBird Freedom Sprint earphones, a carrying case, three pairs of sound isolating earbud tips, three pairs of secure fit ear cushion fins, two ear hooks (I never used these), a user manual, and a microUSB cable. You will also find a coupon code to use the MapMyFitness service for three months, a $59.95 value. I use Nike+, my MOTOACTV, and Sports Tracker for fitness tracking, but may give this trial a chance. The large size earbud tips and ear cushion fins fits me well. You will find L and R on each fin and earphone so you know which side fits in which ear. I LOVE the secure fit ear cushion fins and find they ALWAYS keep the earphones secure in my ear as I run for miles and miles. I have tried a lot of earphones while running and these ones stay the most secure. The size of JayBird Freedom has never been much of an issue for me, but I do like the smaller size of the Freedom Sprint.

All the controls are found on the right earphone to make it easy to control your media and calls. I like that JayBird put the main multi-function button on the top since I wasn't a huge fan of the outside button on the Freedoms. I understand this required a specialized gasket to keep the earphones sweat proof. The multi-function button is used for answering and ending calls and playing/pausing media. On the back side of the right earphone you will find the volume up and down buttons that also act to skip forward and back in your media.

The left earphone houses the microphone and the microUSB port. The microUSB port is secured under a gasket cover as well. The two earphones are attached by a soft, flat cord that fits perfectly without too much slack or being too tight.

I completed my longest run in years, 7.5 miles, with the JayBird Freedom Sprint the other day and they performed flawlessly. I used my MOTOACTV to play music during my run and audio was loud with good quality. I actually had to turn down the headphones at first because they were too loud. I did find when I walked the sound from my MOTOACTV cut in and out since the MOTOACTV was on my left wrist. I placed it on my right wrist and sound was flawless. The manual recommends placing your media player on the right side of your body too.

You can pair up to two devices with the Freedom Sprint. It uses Bluetooth 2.1+EDR with a range of 33 feet in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. A 4mm omni-directional microphone is integrated into the left earphone and I just wish my MOTOACTV allowed me to make audio recordings since I often have ideas I want to remember while running.

If you listen to music while you run or need to be able to take and make calls while working out, then you should seriously consider the JayBird Freedom Sprint. The headset is available now for $129. If you workout for more than 4 hours then you might want to consider the JayBird Freedom, good for 6 hours, since that is still an excellent headset as well.

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