JIRA Service Desk gets better knowledge base integration

Agents won't have to go searching for knowledge base articles when working on a ticket.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Atlassian is integrating knowledge management tools more throughout its JIRA Service Desk with the aim of resolving service requests faster.

On Wednesday, JIRA Service Desk agents will see recommended articles when a ticket is created. The articles can be pulled up based on keywords within a ticket and description. Tech workers and service agents don't have to search for information.

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The company also said that agents can also search for a knowledge base article within a ticket. Internal articles are also integrated within a ticket and can be viewed with restrictions.

As a ticket gets resolved, JIRA Service Desk also can take the information from a ticket to create a knowledge base articles. This cycle resolves incidents faster and can bolster self service.

Here's a screen shot:

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