Jobs tops list of online music 'Powergeeks'

Blender magazine compiles a list of the 25 most influential people in online music--the ones reshaping the entire music industry.
Written by Reuters , Contributor
Steve Jobs has been crowned as the undisputed king of the online music revolution by Blender magazine.

Jobs, the father of the iPod, topped a list of the 25 most influential people in Web music dubbed the "The Powergeek 25." Blender, a U.S. music magazine, compiled the list to show who is reshaping the way people listen to, buy and watch music.

"Music fans spend much of their day, if not their life, sitting in front of their computer, discovering and downloading music," Blender editor-in-chief Craig Marks said in a statement. "Today's power brokers no longer work in the steel-and-glass towers of the traditional record business; instead, they're tech geeks, bedroom bloggers and Silicon Valley visionaries."

He said Jobs, chief executive of Apple, had proved to be a technology trendsetter.

"The iTunes Store and the iPod have done more to change the way people listen to music than anything since the CD, and maybe since the sound recording," Marks said.

The magazine put Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, co-founders of the popular social networking site MySpace.com as second on the list.

They are credited with making made good on the Internet's promise to "level the music-industry playing field, allowing basement bands to effortlessly share their music, inform fans about tour dates and build an audience online."

In third place were the creators of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, whose file-sharing site has become "the star-maker MTV used to be."

At No. 4 was 68-year-old Universal Music Group chairman/CEO Doug Morris, whom the industry sees as a main influencer of digital music policy moves, including royalties and licensing.

Ryan Schreiber, who set up the Web magazine Pitchfork, was named fifth with his online music publication having "the power to create instant audiences for tiny bands like Art Brut and the Go! Team before they even release albums."

These names round out the top 10:

6. Ian Rogers: Yahoo Music (music portal)

7. Martin Stinksel and Felix Miller: Last.fm (music community site)

8. Greg Bildson: Lime Wire (file-sharing program)

9. Christian Schmid: RapidShare (file-hosting service)

10. Coran Capshaw: MusicToday (online ticketer and merchandiser)

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