Jolicloud begins 1.0 rollout to priority users

Jolicloud, a netbook-specific, Linux-based operating system, has begun a staggered rollout of it first version to some users, with general access coming in a few weeks
Written by Jack Clark, Contributor

Jolicloud, a Linux-based netbook operating system, has starting rolling out its version 1.0 build to pre-exisiting users.

Jolicloud is free to download, offers one-click install from its app store and has the ability to let users back up information to the cloud.

There have been three Jolicloud releases prior to version 1.0: an alpha, a beta and a pre-final release.

Jolicloud screenshot

The new HTML 5 launcher is the main user interface for navigating the apps and programs stored on the user's Jolicloud operating system. Screenshot: Tariq Krim

New features in version 1.0 include an app-launcher built entirely in HTML 5; the ability for users to synchronise their Jolicloud operating system across multiple devices; and the ability to add, remove or organise apps by logging into their Jolicloud account from any HTML 5-capable browser.

HTML 5 incorporates features such as video playback and drag and drop that previously required third-party browser plug-ins. Unlike previous versions of the language, HTML 5 supports native video, so video can be programmed — and viewed — without the need for a plug-in, such as Flash.

Internet access is required for the initial Jolicloud install, but after that it can function offline.

In a blog post on Friday, Jolicloud said that the 1.0 build would become available to users throughout this week. The upgrade process from 0.9 to 1.0 for pre-existing users began on Tuesday.

So far, 50 users have been upgraded to 1.0, according to a post on the company's official Facebook wall. A YouTube video is available, containing a user's first impressions of the 1.0 build.

"We are at the very beginning of the process," Tariq Krim, Jolicloud's founder and chief executive, told ZDNet UK on Thursday. "To test the scalability we are going to upgrade users slowly first and accelerate later this month. In a few weeks, people will be able to install a fresh 1.0 out of the box."

Users can also add, remove or organise apps to their Jolicloud OS by logging in on any HTML 5-capable browser such as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Jolicloud is also working on improving tablet support, according to Krim. He said Jolicloud users have installed over 1 million apps on the system.

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