JP Morgan in market for disaster recovery

The financial services firm is in the market for a new disaster recovery solution.
Written by Steven Deare, Contributor

Disaster recovery and business continuity are justifiably hot topics these days, with JP Morgan the latest corporate looking to improve on its existing arrangements.

The Commonwealth Bank's executive manager, group business continuity management, Robert Brigden-Jones mentioned the development -- which would whet many a vendor's appetite -- during his presentation at an AlphaWest seminar this month.

"I know JP Morgan are thinking about enhancing their facility and are looking around at different solutions in the market," he said.

Technology people in the finance industry commonly share their progress and advice on non-competitive areas of business, as do those in the legal world, and disaster recovery is just one of these.

JP Morgan were reluctant to tell us any more, but did say they would be issuing a private tender on disaster recovery soon to a few select vendors.

While we may never know what they choose to do, it's a fair indicator that the big end of town are taking these worst-case scenarios we keep hearing about very seriously.

Brigden-Jones even said the Commonwealth Bank had implemented a number of protective measures against the threat of bird flu, and were treating it "very seriously".

There's certainly a burgeoning market for DR/business continuity, and I wonder if you've heard of anything else that demonstrates just how seriously it's being taken in the corporate world?

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