June 2011: The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide

June 2011 edition of The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide. Helping you to protect your privacy, your social network security and to manage your network safely.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Note: This guide is now out of date. For the latest guide (September 2011), head on over here.

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It is that time of year again. Before you set off on your summer vacations, festivals and whatnot, take ten minutes out of your day to secure your Facebook account.

The last Facebook Lockdown Guide in January has been deprecated, and many more changes have occurred. Thankfully, on the most part, settings you have changed since then have been vastly kept the same.

Still, it doesn't hurt to check -- does it?


For my 900th post for ZDNet, find four updated guides, each focusing on an intrinsic part of Facebook's privacy and security features, allowing you to work your way through with step by step help in each area.

Gallery guide 1: Secure your profile page

Updated: Updated guide with all your profile securing tools at your disposal. Also included is a new photo album views and some general Facebook tweaks to keep your pages secure.

Gallery guide 2: Secure your account settings

Updated: All the stuff you had before, with added support for encrypted Facebook browsing, updated advertising settings and more support for mobile devices.

Gallery guide 3: Secure your privacy settings

Updated: All of the settings you need to secure your Facebook privacy, and now added support for the iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Gallery guide 4: Secure the miscellaneous bits

Updated: How to secure your miscellaneous Facebook bits, including instant personalisation and how to disable facial recognition features rolled out last month.


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