Juniper aims to jump-start 4G upgrades

The company has unveiled three products that aim to help mobile network providers handle their data traffic better
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Juniper Networks has rolled out three products for mobile network providers that want to upgrade to 4G and LTE technology.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, Juniper introduced Juniper Traffic Direct, Juniper Media Flow and Juniper Mobile Core Evolution.

Juniper Traffic Direct is designed to manage data traffic from smartphones, netbooks and notebooks. The idea is that carriers can offload bulk data traffic to the internet to ease wireless network congestion. Availability is planned for the second quarter.

Juniper Media Flow operates as a content delivery network to deliver "a TV-like experience" on mobile devices, the company said.

Media Flow uses software from Ankeena Networks to smooth out bit-streaming for video. It is set to become available in the second quarter.

With Juniper Mobile Core Evolution, the networking company is aiming to provide a secure packet to better monetise 3G and 4G services. Mobile Core Evolution will use Juniper's MX 3D routers and Junos software. The product will enable carriers to develop new revenue streams on unified networks.

A beta version is expected in the fourth quarter.

For the full story, see Juniper aims for larger piece of wireless network upgrade pie on ZDNet.com.

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