Juno links up with Time Warner

Juno will offer high-speed Internet access across Time Warner's broadband network
Written by Margaret Kane, Contributor

Time Warner has signed a deal to allow Juno Online Services to offer high-speed Internet access across its broadband network.

Time Warner has come under considerable scrutiny over the past few weeks regarding its policies toward open access, in light of its pending merger with America Online.

FCC chairman William Kennard has said opening access to competitors to high-speed cable lines was a key issue in approving the merger.

Video streaming is allowed under the deal. Juno will offer its existing dial-up customers the ability to upgrade to Juno's high-speed service, Juno Express, using Time Warner Cable facilities.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.

The deal "underscores Time Warner Cable's commitment to offer its cable customers a choice of Internet Service Providers and will help expand the number of high-speed data subscribers on our cable systems," Glenn Britt, president of Time Warner Cable, said in a release.

Both Juno and Time Warner Cable will market the service to their customers, and each will have their own pricing and service plans. Time Warner will be responsible for installing the service. The agreement covers billing, network elements, and privacy responsibilities.

Time Warner's current contract with Road Runner, a high speed Net service partnership between several cable companies, prohibits the company from immediately opening access to rival ISPs. A schedule for rolling out the Juno service will be announced later, subject to the Road Runner agreement.

Time Warner, with more than 12.6 million customers nationwide, is the country's second largest cable operator.

Juno, best known for its free Internet access service, has also signed deals with AT&T Cable to participate in a six-month trial for high-speed service.

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