Jury sides with Apple over Samsung patent retrial

While a retrial had placed into question how much of the original US$1.05 billion Samsung should pay Apple over patent disputes, Apple has again walked away with most of Samsung's money.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

After a judge threw out out almost half of US$1.05 billion in damages awarded to Apple in its patent spat with Samsung, the subsequent retrial has seen the Cupertino-based company recoup most of what it wanted in compensation.

Earlier this year, US Judge Lucy Koh ordered a retrial of the patent disagreement between Apple and Samsung. Originally, Samsung had been ordered to pay US$1.05 billion in damages, but Koh believed that the jury miscalculated the value of some of the damages payable.

Some US$450 million was placed at the heart of the new trial, with Samsung forced to concede defeat over the US$600 million in damages from the original trial.

According to ZDNet sister site CNET, Samsung argued in the latest trial that it should only have to pay US$52 million, while Apple said the damage done was closer to US$380 million. The disagreements between the two tech giants centred around royalties and lost profits. Whether or not Samsung had infringed upon Apple's patents was not a concern in the retrial as the original trial had already determined this.

The jury in the retrial ruled closer to Apple's figures, however, leaving Samsung to pay up close to US$290 million. Altogether, Samsung would have paid Apple close to US$930 million over the patent dispute.

Samsung will have the opportunity to appeal the retrial, further continuing the dispute that first started in April 2011.

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