Kayak toppled 100 million searches in January

The flight and hotel search engine surpasses a major milestone on its journey to dominating the digital travel businesses.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Kayak isn't slowing down on its quest to connect (and possibly dominate) the online travel industry anytime soon.

The travel search engine surpassed a record 100 million user requests in January for flight, hotel, car and other travel searches performed on its website site and mobile apps.

Kayak was also reportedly the number one travel app last month, surpassing 12 million downloads in January alone.

For the frequent flyers, Kayak had this little piece of gratitude on its blog: "Thanks for deciding to go meet face to face instead of using a web cam."

However, there is at least one piece of news that we're still sitting and waiting for from Kayak. That would be (what else) the completion of its $50 million IPO, which has been on hold since last fall.

But the reasoning for the delay is fair and smart: Kayak executives are waiting for the markets to calm down. They've apparently calmed down enough for Facebook, but the social networking giant has a lot more money and momentum behind it.


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