KDE upgrades Linux desktop

Version 2.2.1 hits Internet today with bug fixes, improved language translations
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

The KDE Project has released an update to its desktop software for GNU/Linux and other Unix-like variants, following up from the launch of KDE 2.2 and KOffice last month. The upgrade is available for download from KDE's Web site and a number of mirror sites.

K Desktop Environment (KDE) 2.2.1, released today, focuses on improving documentation and translations for its 42 different language versions, but also includes performance improvements and bug fixes, the group said. The new version will let applications start up faster and improve the way the built-in browser handles Web content.

The next major upgrade to KDE, version 3.0, is due for beta release in December with final release scheduled for next February.

KDE is one of the most popular desktop environments for Unix-like operating systems, another being GNOME. KDE is a collaboration by hundreds of independent software developers working to create a graphical user interface for Linux and other Unix offshoots to compare with the usability of commercial operating systems.

KDE, like Linux, is based on an open-source development model, meaning that source code for the software is freely available for alteration, and any improvements that are made must themselves be redistributed to other developers.

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