Key developer axed at Linux firm Caldera

More job cuts to come...
Written by Joey Gardiner, Contributor

More job cuts to come...

Linux vendor Caldera Systems has lost one of its key developers in the latest round of job cuts. Caldera had said job cuts were imminent when it released its last set of results a week ago, however, the identity of those to be made redundant was not made clear. Caldera has admitted that developer Juergen G Kienhoefer, responsible for heading up the team that wrote Caldera's Linux Kernel Personality software, is among those to go. Caldera bases much of its business on the Linux Kernel Personality software, which was key to the rationale behind its September 2000 acquisition of Unix vendor SCO. The technology allows users to run Linux applications on top of a Unix kernel without any modification, thus allowing Linux applications to scale as far as Unix traditionally has. A Caldera spokeswoman said Kienhoefer was not the only member of the team involved in writing the LKP, and should not be regarded as its author. She added Caldera is still fundamentally committed to the technology. Caldera is to make a full announcement on Monday outlining who the job cuts will hit, and how the company will move on.
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