Kindle Fire owns over half of Android tablet market

The Kindle Fire burst onto the tablet scene a short time ago, and already owns over half the Android tablet market.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

There's a new king of the Android tablet market. It's not Samsung, Motorola, nor any of the expected players. According to the latest figures from ComScore the Kindle Fire from Amazon now owns over 54 percent of the Android tablet market.

This is no small feat given the short time the Kindle Fire has been on sale, compared to all of the other tablets. Amazon must be feeling pretty smug, having doubled its market share in just the last two months.

Even more telling in these latest numbers is that the previous leader of the Android tablet market is now in second place with only 15.4 percent of the market. More significantly the Samsung share is comprised of the entire Galaxy Tab product line.

Motorola has 7 percent share with the XOOM, while my personal favorite, the Transformer Prime, comes in fourth with a 6.3 percent share of the Android tablet market.

I've said it before -- the Android tablet partners not only have to watch Apple from afar, they have to compete with each other. Now it appears all but Amazon have to be content sharing an ever-shrinking market. It doesn't sound like much profit to go around for much longer.

It doesn't speak kindly for the Android platform, either. The Kindle Fire uses Amazon's derivative version of Android that looks nothing like the competition. Maybe that's significant too.

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