Kingston DataTraveler microDuo, First Take: USB storage for Android tablets and phones

If your Android smartphone lacks a MicroSD card slot and supports USB On The Go, this flexible flash drive could solve your storage expansion problem.
Written by Sandra Vogel, Contributing Writer

Expanding the internal storage of tablets and smartphones has taken an interesting turn with the DataTraveler microDuo from Kingston. This tiny flash drive has both a full-size and a Micro-USB connector, and is compatible with tablets and smartphones that comply with the USB On The Go (OTG) standard.

Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo-1
The DataTraveler microDuo works with Micro-USB-equipped smartphones and tablets that support USB On The Go, and also as a regular USB flash drive. Image: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

In theory this should mean you can grab data such as a video or presentation from your PC and deliver it via your Android tablet with ease. You can work with documents stored locally rather than using the cloud — or how about taking your music library with you when you're travelling?

Alternatively you might fancy a DataTraveller microDuo as a backup device for your tablet or phone. If you're not already using the cloud to back up photos and other content that's unique to your phone or tablet, this might appeal.

The DataTraveler microDuo in USB (left) and Micro-USB (right) modes. Image: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

The DataTraveler microDuo is small, and it comes with a tiny lanyard that's ideal for storing it on your key ring. The USB port flips through 90 degrees to expose Micro-USB connector.

This is all great, and it might particularly appeal if you happen to have a smartphone that lacks MicroSD card support. But USB OTG is not supported by every smartphone and tablet — you'll need to check the device specifications. An Android app called USB Host Diagnostics can help you analyse your device.

The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is available in 8GB (£7.50), 16GB (£9.90) and 32GB (£16.30) capacities and is backed by a five-year warranty.

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