Kingston releases 'Canvas' high-speed SD and microSD cards

Perfect for DSLRs, 4K/8K video production, Android devices, action cams, and drones.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Need an SD or microSD card that's not going to drop frames when you're recording 4K/8K video, and won't fail under demanding conditions such as use in action cams or drones? Take a look at Kingston's new Canvas high-speed SD and microSD cards.

This range also includes Kingston's first high-speed UHS-II cards.

The new Canvas line features three different product lines.

Kingston 'Canvas' high-speed SD and microSD cards

Canvas Select Plus

These cards are designed to deliver respectable performance and speed, and offer high levels of durability. They are aimed at the recreational and amateur user who works with full HD and 4K DSLR cameras, or who wants high-speed storage for Android devices.

The SD cards are rated to Class 10 UHS-I speeds up to 100MB/s read, while the microSD supports the A1 app performance class for smooth operation in tablets and smartphones.

Canvas Go! Plus

The Canvas Go! Plus cards are designed for more speed and performance, and are aimed at those shooting 4K UHD video or who regularly do burst-mode photography on DSLR, or who want to reliably capture 4K video with action cameras and drones.

The SD card supports Class 10 UHS-I U3 speeds up to 170MB/s read, 90MB/s write, while the microSD card supports A2 app performance class for maximum performance on next-gen tablets and smartphones.

Canvas React Plus

The Canvas React Plus cards have been built to provide top-of-the-line UHS-II performance, and are aimed at professionals that shoot 4K/8K videos and high-resolution photos

The SD cards support Class 10 UHS-II U3 speeds up to 300MB/s read, 260MB/s write, with the microSD card offering 285MB/s read and 165MB/s write speeds, and is the first UHS-II microSD to support A1 app performance class to for tablets and smartphones.

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High-speed cards need high-speed readers, and Kingston has also released new MobileLite Plus UHS-II readers designed to keep up with the cards. The MobileLite Plus UHS-II readers can be purchased separately or come bundled with Canvas React Plus cards. The readers are also fully compatible with UHS-I cards.

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