Korea tops survey for mobile app usage

The average Korean spent 200 minutes a day using mobile apps on their smartphones, according to App Annie.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Koreans spent the most time using apps on their smartphones, a survey showed.

App Annie, an app usage research firm, showed that Koreans spent the most time -- 200 minutes per day on average -- using mobile apps among countries surveyed for the first quarter of the year.

Korea was followed by Brazil, which spent a little over 180 minutes per day, followed by Mexico with 180 minutes.

They were followed by Japan, India, and the US.

Out of Korea's average of 200 minutes, 25 percent was spent on game apps. For Brazil and Mexico, 50 percent of time spent was using social media and communications.

Korea's daily usage this time a year ago was 180 minutes and around 165 minutes in 2015. Koreans continue to spend the most time on their phones out of the surveyed countries, the firm said.

App Annie's survey also showed all users globally used more than 30 mobile apps on their phones per month.

They also used a least nine apps per day, on average. Utility and tools apps were the most used in the world, followed by social media.

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