KT and Samsung to apply 5G for 'smart hospital'

5G networks will be installed at Samsung Medical Center's proton therapy center and cancer hospital.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean telco KT will install 5G networks at the Samsung Medical Center's facilities and utilize it to co-develop new medical services, the company announced.

The telco will install the next-generation network at the center's main campus in Seoul, which houses its proton therapy center and cancer hospital, the companies said.

Doctors currently need to move back and forth between the proton therapy center and cancer hospital to collect data on patients, while pathology sample data of patients can only be accessed for reading in limited locations. 

With access to 5G networks, medical staff will gain fast and safe access to large caches of medical data anywhere in the center, KT said. Doctors will also be able to conduct real-time checkups for patients undergoing proton therapy, as well as read digital diagnosis data in real-time. 

Following the installation, the two companies plans to co-develop new services for the center's staff. This includes developing solutions that allow doctors and staff to conduct co-diagnosis even if they are in the immediate vicinity of the patient.

For example, doctors can monitor surgery progress remotely via 5G video and exchange the best course of action with the staff inside the operating room. Staff within the operating room will also be able to access patient data via their 5G connected mobile devices.

Compatriot telco SK Telecom, in partnership with Yonsei University Health System, has also been working on developing smart healthcare services for hospitals.

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