KT applies battery conserving tech on 5G network

The application of Connected Mode Discontinuous Reception (CDRX) technology will allow 5G smartphone owners to save battery life.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KT has applied CDRX tech on its 5G network to boost battery life of data-intensive 5G smartphones. Image: KT

Image: KT

South Korean telco KT has applied CDRX technology on its 5G network, the company has announced.

The CDRX puts devices periodically on sleep mode when there is no data transmission to conserve battery life.

KT has synchronised the technology with the recently launched Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, as well as the Galaxy S10 5G model that was released earlier this year, it said.

The telco and the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), a government agency that certifies and tests IT devices, said the CDRX increased battery life for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G by up to 4 hours and 21 minutes.

The TTA also compared the battery life of two Galaxy Note 10 devices, one had CRX applied while the other did not, when streaming YouTube videos.

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The device that had CRX applied had battery life ranging from 10 hours and 24 minutes to 11 hours and 4 minutes, while the plain device could only last up to 6 hours and 57 minutes.

On average, battery life lasted 65% longer when the technology was applied, KT said.

The telco first applied the technology on LTE networks back in 2017.

The Galaxy Note 10 series went on sale in South Korea last week. Only the 5G versions of the Galaxy Note 10 devices are being sold in South Korea, with the nation's telcos pushing for more people to use the next-generation network.

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest mobile carrier, announced last week that it had secured a million 5G subscribers while KT has said it has clinched 750,000. LG Uplus, the smallest, has not revealed its subscription numbers but it is estimated to have around 600,000 subscribers. 

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