KT launches AI voice service with English support in Seoul hotel

South Korean telco KT has applied its Giga Genie AI assistant service with English language support at Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Seoul.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KT has applied its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to a hotel in South Korea with English language support to accommodate foreign visitors, the telco said.

The company's Giga Genie has been applied at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel & Residence at Dongdaemun, Seoul, which was newly opened on July 3.

Guests can use voice commands in their rooms using the provided touch screen device to control lighting, AC, TVs, music, and to order hotel products.

They can lie on their beds and give commands instead of using remote controls or wall pads, the telco stressed.

KT said it will add concierge features that will allow guests to check out of their rooms and pay for their mini bar or room services just through voice commands.

Foreign visitors booked for a stay can also receive a Genie Phone given to them in the airport. They can use the rental phone as a transportation card, or to make calls, control their rooms at Novotel, and get tax refund services.

KT said it will later add other foreign languages besides English.

The telco is also providing its visual security solution Gigaeyes, which monitors visitors and checks for fires. It has also supplied KT-MEG energy, which analyses electricity use and configures it to save costs.

KT will said it will expand Giga Genie to three more hotels by 2020.

Last month, the company unveiled its airship drone dubbed Skyship Platform for use in rescue missions.

It is planning to roll out 5G networks with compatriots SK Telecom and LG Uplus next year in March.


Guests to Novotel Ambassador in Dongdaemun will be accommodated with AI voice services.

Image: KT


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