Lanamark's tools for "capacity management as a service"

Everything as a service has come to capacity management.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Lanamark, a company focused on providing tools to the IT channel, did its best to apply cloud computing metaphors in its announcement of Lanamark Suite Managed Services Edition. Lanamark hopes to provde tools allowing "providers to deliver subscription-based capacity management and optimization services across physical and virtual infrastructure."

Here's what Lanamark has to say:

Lanamark Inc., a global provider of cross-vendor virtualization and capacity management services platform to the IT channel delivering desktop, server and storage optimization solutions, today announced availability of Lanamark Suite Managed Services Edition. The new edition enables IT consultants, managed service providers, system integrators and value-added resellers to offer subscription-based capacity management and optimization services.

To facilitate delivery of continuous capacity management and optimization services, Lanamark now offers subscription-based licensing of Lanamark Suite to business partners. Hardware, software and performance data can be collected without agents from up to 50,000 endpoints at each location using a single data collector, which can be deployed in minutes. Data from geographically distributed locations can be securely aggregated in a centralized web portal, enabling solution providers to holistically analyze and optimize multi-site enterprise environments.

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Lanamark as been the victim, oops, I meant to say subject of several posts here (see Lanamark Vready, Server Virtualization Design Module for Lanamark Suite and Lanamark Desktop Analysis Pack for more information.) Their goal has always been to provide tools to the IT channel allowing them to better address the needs of the channel's customers. As cloud computing has become more interesting to the mid market, Lanamark has added modules to its suite to provide prepackaged knowledge and expertise to its customers. This announcement is no exception.

In the case of this announcement, there are two goals - helping the channel move from a project focus to a services focus and providing tools that make it easy to provide hardware lifecycle management, server consolidation virtual infrastructure optimization and software asset management.

If your organization offers IT products and services, Lanamark's suite might be worth a look.

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