Latest Google Glass update includes emergency alerts, more voice commands

You can now dictate more (and better) commands with the latest software update for Google Glass.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

As promised, the team behind Google Glass is rolling out its monthly update, and this one especially taps into  third-party offerings.

Baking in extra features and taking further advantage of the very small but growing third-party ecosystem for the Android-based spectacles is incredibly important for touting Glass as a viable consumer product.

New voice commands, as simple as they might be, really could be "just the beginning," as touted by the Google Glass team on Monday.


Specifically, the additional commands play well for Path and Evernote.

On the private social networking app, users can "Post an update" audibly to Path and "Take a note" on Evernote. The latter one seems especially more useful on Glass for on-the-go users who wouldn't even have time to record a message on a smartphone.

Google also introduced a number of other Now cards for staying in the loop, notably one for weather emergency alerts when severe thunderstorm and/or flash flooding warnings are in effect.

On a lighter note, Glass is being updated with Google Now cards for reminders about restaurant reservations, finding movie showtimes, and traffic conditions with alternative routes.

This software update will be rolling out over the air to Glass owners over the next few days.

Developers can find out more about the Mirror API making all of this possible on the Google Developers hub now.

Screenshots via Project Glass

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