Leave the portable speaker behind with HTC BoomSound on the HTC One (video)

HTC has a few unique hardware features in the new HTC One, and after testing it for a day, BoomSound is not just a marketing term.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

When I first heard HTC talk about the front-facing stereo speakers on the HTC One with the BoomSound branding, I thought it was just some kind of marketing gimmick. As you can clearly hear in the video below, with an HTC One and BoomSound, you can actually leave behind your portable speaker and enjoy quality audio without a headset.

As you can see in my audio gift guide, I have spent a lot of time with portable Bluetooth speakers over the last several months and I enjoy using them. The reason I use them is that the default audio experience on a smartphone is generally pretty poor. HTC shows with the new HTC One and BoomSound that you don't need a speaker for the hotel room or office.

The dual front stereo speakers sound awesome on the HTC One and after 24 hours with the HTC One, I am a believer. My wife enjoys music and when she heard me rocking out down in the office she came to see what was going on. After seeing it was the HTC One, she told me I have to get her one on T-Mobile.

In the past, you needed to plug in your headphones to experience the HTC Beats audio enhancements, but with the HTC One this is available with the stereo speakers. As you can clearly hear in my video, Beats Audio makes a huge difference on the HTC One. I hear people slamming the Beats Audio experience, but it truly does improve audio output through these dual speakers.

The video below is a representation of what I am hearing in person, and with the recording device, a Nokia Lumia 920, video processing and formatting on my Surface Pro, and then YouTube hosting, the true-life sound is likely better than what you see in the video. Then again, I think the video shows pretty well how great the HTC One sounds.

In my video, I had the volume up to the maximum and you can't even really tell there is any distortion in the audio quality. You will never miss another call or alarm if you crank the volume on the HTC One and may actually be blown out of your bed with the BoomSound. Keep in mind, you can individually control audio for ringtones, notifications, music, videos, and alarms, so make sure to do so before bed.

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