LED wallpaper illuminates the technology's role in design

Lighting designer Ingo Maurer has been working with LED for decades, and says the circuit board aesthetic is "magnificent."
Written by Mary Catherine O'Connor, Contributing Writer

Has lighting design reached a new, tech-savvy peak with LED wallpaper? That depends wholly on whether the work of lighting designer Ingo Maurer tickles your fancy or horrifies you.

Maurer partnered with high-end wallpaper manufacturer Architect Papers to create the LED paper, which holds printed circuit boards containing 840 integrated LEDs, in five patterns, according to Metropolis. The sheets measure 126-by-23.5-inches and carry a whopping $3000 price tag. The wallpaper is reportedly very sturdy (one would hope, for that price).

Curiously, Maurer says LEDs are overused. “The world has gone mad with LEDs,” he told Metropolis. But the diversity of the LEDs used in the paper, which shines in red, blue and white, is something he says the owner can adjust to suit a mood. The LEDs can be also dimmed to establish the desired ambiance.

When the sun comes up, the circuit board pattern stands out, doing nothing to conceal the paper's high-tech credibility.

As we've reported, researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University have developed a means of using nanotechnology to print LEDs, which would conceivably lower the bar further for innovating the ways LED could be integrated into wallpaper and other interior design materials.

Via: Metropolis

Images: Architect Paper

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