Lenovo introduces five new Android tablets, starting at $70

Lenovo doubles down on the declining tablet market, with a bevy of new models that range from dirt cheap to a premium entertainment slate..
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

Lenovo Tab E8 Android tablet

It's no secret that the tablet market continues to crater, falling 13.5 percent just in the second quarter alone, but manufacturers continue to give it the old college try. Samsung just released the Galaxy Tab S4, and Lenovo is making a big push with a whopping five new Android tablets for the home market.

With a $69.99 price, the Tab E7 is clearly an Amazon Fire rival for bargain buyers. Its budget-level specs include a 7-inch 1,024x600 display, a MediaTek processor, and 16GB of built-in storage. It runs the Go Edition of Android Oreo, a lightweight version designed primarily for entry-level smartphones. Nonetheless, Lenovo claims a meager 5 hours of battery life for the Tab E7. It will include a rear cover, at least, when it becomes available exclusively through Walmart.com starting in October

Already at Walmart for $30 more, the Tab E8 doubles the battery life, upgrades to an 8-inch 1,280x800 screen, and improves the dual cameras to 5-megapixel (rear-facing) and 2-megapixel (front). It also runs Android Nougat, instead of the cut-down Go Edition. Rounding out the new Tab E series, the E10 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chip and a 10.1-inch 1,280x800 display. However, it runs Android Oreo Go Edition like the E7 and musters only 7 hours of battery life, which explains while it will only cost $129.99 when it hits Walmart in October.

If you need something a little more premium, the Tab M10 and P10 round out Lenovo's new tablet announcement. Both include 10.1-inch full HD displays and a Snapdragon 450 octo-core processor, though the P10 comes with twice the storage (64GB) as the M10 and four front speakers instead of two. It also trounces the M10 in battery life, with Lenovo promising 15 hours of juice from the P10 compared to just 5 hours. Presumably the M10 will run the Go Edition of Android Oreo, though Lenovo has not specified that, nor has it released a price for either the M10 or P10, both of which will be available sometime this winter on Amazon.com

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