Lenovo on-track for Beijing 2008

Tomorrow marks the 500 day countdown to the opening of Beijing 2008 where official sponsor Lenovo will provide up to 20,000 products to ensure the logistics behind the event runs smoothly.
Written by Luke Anderson, Contributor

PC maker Lenovo is ramping up testing and integration work with 500 days before the official opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Lenovo began working on the Games in 2004 when it first announced its sponsorship agreement. The company has 30 people working on the project, which will see a range of products -- printers and storage equipment, 300 servers, 800 desktops and monitors and 70 notebooks -- in use.

"Everything from gathering and storing participants' data, to displaying the scores, to organising all [the] activities of BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee), our products -- and there will be at least 20,000 of them on-site -- will be the backbone of the Games' technology solution," vice president for Olympic marketing at Lenovo, Alice Li, said today during a conference call.

Equipment supplied by Lenovo will support BOCOG, IOC (International Olympic Committee), radio and TV networks, commentators, judges, officials, athletes, media, national Olympic committees and Olympic sponsorship partners.

In addition to its Olympic sponsorship, Lenovo is also official PC supplier to Formula 1 team AT&T Williams, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Eds note: Lenovo is a sponsor of the AT&T Williams F1 team. In this photo gallery, lead driver Nico Rosberg addresses the press in Sydney. Also, in a 5:21 minute video, Rosberg talks about the technology in race cars.


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