Lenovo website halts sale of Windows RT version of IdeaPad Yoga 11 hybrid tablet

Another blow to the troubled OS comes at the same time as Microsoft slices prices on its own Windows RT Surface tablets.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

It's been a tough week for Windows RT, the embattled operated system Microsoft created to help it compete in the tablet market. First, the tech giant confirmed that it was slicing prices on its Surface RT tablets due to lackluster demand. Now, a key partner has halted sales on its website of its own Windows RT device.

Lenovo had hoped its IdeaPad Yoga 11 would makes waves with its convertible design, but critics (including ZDNet's own Matt Baxter-Reynolds) were lukewarm to Windows RT's cut-down Windows experience. In May, the company introduced the Yoga 11S, a version of the laptop/tablet hybrid that offered a full version of Windows 8.

Now Lenovo has apparently discontinued the RT flavor of the Yoga, stopping sales of it on the company website. The page annoucing the discontinuation advises that you can still pick one from a reseller if you want to own an orphaned product. (The Yoga 11S remains for sale on the Lenovo site.)

The Yoga RT's woes follow in the wake of Dell's price cut on the XPS 10 Windows RT tablet to $299 a couple of months ago. For now, however, Dell is continuing to sell the device.

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