Let your contacts understand your availability with iotum Talk-Now

iotum Talk-Now releases a preview version of their Relevance Engine application called Talk-Now for BlackBerry users. How many times do you start a phone call with "Do you have time to talk?" Well, if you want to know the actual status of your contact and want them to know your status and you use a RIM BlackBerry device, then you should try the new free preview of Talk-Now.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I do not have a RIM BlackBerry device, but after hearing a bit more about the new iotum Talk Now Technology Preview I am a bit more interested in one of these devices. iotum Talk-Now is the first New Presence application to hit the market and goes along with the ideas that my workgroup at Mobius Boston 2006 had in relation to understanding the "location" of the person with the device. Talk-Now lets you share your availability with others, notifies them when you are available to speak, and shows you the availability of your contacts. This ability to reduce or eliminate phone tag should help you be much more productive. The application doesn't simply broadcast the same availability to everyone, but uses a Relevance Engine to determine what status is shown to your contact based upon relationships you have established and what you are actually doing. Talk-Now is available to try now for free for owners of the BlackBerry 8700 series, the Pearl devices, and BlackBerry devices running OS 4.1 or higher. I can't wait to see this type of technology grow and expand into other areas.

iotum Talk-Now

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