LG announces VR headset for LG G5's USB-C port

LG is taking on Samsung's Gear VR with the announcement of its own virtual reality headset to compliment the LG G5.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Sarah Tew/CNET

LG announced the LG 360 VR at Mobile World Congress on Sunday in Barcelona, a pair of virtual reality glasses to compliment the LG G5 flagship also announced at the tradeshow.

LG's 360 VR glasses plug directly into the LG G5's USB-C port, and the LG G5 can serve as a touchpad to control what is found through the glasses. As CNET points out, the 360 VR glasses are one third the weight and pack a much sleeker design than the competing Samsung Gear VR headset.

Inside, the LG 360 VR packs dual 1080p OLED screens to beam content into your eyeballs. LG says this is equivalent to a 130-inch television from 2-meters away.

For now, LG is keeping the 360 VR only compatible with the 5.3-inch modular LG G5 announced on Sunday. There's no word on pricing, but the 360 VR is expected to ship alongside the LG G5 in April.

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