Liberty Surf hits out at over-priced Internet charges

8.5m Brits are put off going online because it is too expensive.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

French ISP Liberty Surf hits out at rip-off Internet charges this week as it launches its own unmetered service in Britain.

The ISP -- which took over the X-Stream Network in March -- offers a £20 a year service for off-peak Internet use. CEO Greg Sukornyk believes there are still too many ISPs over-charging in the UK and points to independent research from Prescient research firm which claims that 8.5m Brits are put off going online because it is too expensive.

Sukornyk acknowledges costs have come down since Alta Vista kickstarted the unmetered revolution in the UK but thinks more needs to be done. "The Internet industry in the UK is definitely over-priced and there are still players in the market that are overcharging," he says. The blame, according to Sukornyk, lies with BT. "BT (quote: BT) plays a large part in this," he says.

Experts have suggested that narrowband services will become increasingly obsolete as broadband takes off in the UK. Sukornyk disagrees. "There is still a huge market for dial-up narrow band," he claims. Despite this Liberty Surf intends to roll out an ADSL product later this year.

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