We are facing a world of increasing IT complexity. Librato believes that its Silverline and Metrics products will help IT administrators monitor IT operations and quickly find the reasons for slow downs and outages.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Joseph Ruscio, the Co-Founder/CTO of Librato, contacted me to introduce his new company. Joe and I had spoken when he was with EverGrid. Unfortunately, he caught me while I was moving and my office was in boxes and I was living out of a suitcase (they're rather small for someone of my size, by the way.)

Librato, I was told, is offering a couple of products to help IT administrators with application performance monitoring challenges. The company offers Librato Silverline — a tool designed to help customers monitor and manage applications, and Librato Metrics — a platform for storing, visualizing, analyzing and acting on any kind of time-series (read monitoring) data that's important to users. If we consider a future in which these busy IT folks are trying to keep track of thousands of systems, networking components, storage servers, and a herd of mobile devices, simple is good.

I was really impressed with the simplicity of Metrics during the demonstration. I could imagine a busy administrator being able to glance at a Metrics dashboard and know that things were going well. It would be just as easy to conduct a deep dive into the numbers if something was going wrong.

Librato has some interesting capabilities, but I have seen similar demonstrations presented by BMC, CA, HP, IBM and a number of other suppliers of application performance management tools. While Librato's products offer lovely, easy-to-use graphic interfaces, some of the other suppliers appear to be offering much more comprehensive tools.

Visit Librato's site and see for your self. The company is offering a number of free trials of their products.

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