Lighten up people, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 team deserves a celebration

Microsoft reached a major milestone with Windows Phone 7 and a small celebration parade took place on campus. People all over the Twitterverse are spun up and need to just relax.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As said last week, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 team reached a major milestone with the platform. Today Microsoft employees had a bit of a celebration and all I keep reading about on Twitter is how classless and immature it was to have an iPhone carried by pallbearers. Really people? Lighten up and let Microsoft employees who have been working hard on this new platform have a bit of fun. It isn't harming anyone and I am actually encourage to see them this excited about Windows Phone 7 since I don't remember when the mobile team was this fired up about a product before. I was actually pretty impressed with their Thriller dance myself and it was good to see Darth Vader in the parade. It also wasn't like the entire event was about death to the iPhone as you can see in more photos and thoughts from the parade on the Windows Phone blog.

As readers here know, I spent quite a bit of time with the Technical Preview and think Microsoft has a solid product coming out in the next few months. The Gartner data shows that Apple doesn't have anything to worry about through 2014 from Microsoft so why are people getting too spun up about this Microsoft celebration? IMHO, I don't think the Gartner data means a whole lot in regards to Windows Phone 7 since we haven't seen it released yet and have no way of knowing how well it might do when it is up and running.

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