Like Apple, Nokia wants their early N8 prototype back too

A lost iPhone was stolen a couple weeks ago and now it seems someone took an N8 prototype who was not supposed to have it and slammed it for the early software build it was running. Nokia wants their device back, but may not have the US police at their disposal.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I wrote about the new Nokia N8 announcement this morning and have to honestly say I am more excited about this device than the new iPhone. I mentioned this review of a prototype (Google translated link) that was previewed a few days ago and for some reason is being used by a bunch of US press and bloggers as truth that the N8 will suck. Folks, this is an early prototype and as we all know Nokia does major work on the software prior to, and even after, release of the product so you cannot judge a device coming out in several months running software at this time and please do not prejudge the N8 too early. Granted, it may end up disappointing many people, but it isn't fair to burn a device running early software. Similar to the stolen iPhone episode, Nokia posted that they want their prototype back too please.

In the past, Nokia has released devices too early before the software was ready and this wasn't made more apparent than with the Nokia N97 last year. The hardware was good, but the software was limited and it wasn't until a few months later that a good software build was released. It sounds like Nokia is not going to make that mistake this year with the N8 and is thoroughly testing it out to make sure users get a solid experience.

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