Lil Wayne sets Guinness World Record on Facebook

Lil Wayne and Oreo both wanted to get the most Likes on a Facebook Post in 24 Hours. The cookie crumbled.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Lil Wayne has set a new world record on Facebook, but he didn't think of the idea all by himself. It all started with Oreo, which simply wanted to promote its cookie brand.

Oreo began a campaign on Tuesday at 9AM to earn the world record for the "Most 'Likes' on a Facebook Post in 24 Hours," a feat that had never been attempted before. On Wednesday, Guinness World Records confirmed that "America's Favorite Cookie" had secured the record with 114,619 Likes on a single post, thanks to its 16 million Facebook fans.

Enter Lil Wayne. The rapper decided to break the record, and with his 20 million Facebook fans, he did so rather easily, nearly five times over. Five hours later, when the Lil Wayne's 24-hour period had expired, his post had 588,243 likes. Guinness World Records confirmed the new record.

The organization currently recognizes seven records for Facebook use (you can apply at guinnessworldrecords.com/apply):

  • Most comments on a wall post (minimum: 5,000)
  • Most comments on a status update (minimum: 5,000)
  • Most comments on a picture (minimum: 5,000)
  • Largest group (minimum: 2,000,000)
  • Largest fan page (minimum: 2,000,000)
  • Most likes on a status update (minimum: 5,000)
  • Most likes on a picture (minimum: 5,000)

"Guinness World Records congratulates both Lil Wayne and Oreo Cookies on their achievements," a Guinness World Records spokesperson said in a statement. "We're excited at the opportunity to recognize the growing world of social media records and look forward to more history being made in this digital space!"

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