LinkedIn's new AI bot will write your hard-earned milestone posts for you

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn post takes time and effort. Here's how the new AI bot will help make things easier.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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LinkedIn has already harnessed the writing abilities of generative AI with its AI-generated copy suggestions for ads on the platform. Now LinkedIn is expanding those abilities so that all users can take advantage of AI-generated copy. 

LinkedIn posts are a great way for professionals to share the latest updates on their careers with their network. Typically, these posts include career moves, milestones, and accomplishments, which can help accelerate career growth. 

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Carefully crafting what each post has to say can be a slightly challenging task, and LinkedIn's new feature is meant to be the solution, according to Keren Baruch, director of product at LinkedIn, who unveiled the feature on a LinkedIn post

"When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, we've heard that you generally know what you want to say, but going from a great idea to a full-fledged post can be challenging and time-consuming," said Baruch. "So, we're starting to test a way for members to use generative AI directly within the LinkedIn share box."

To use the feature, users will have to provide the AI with at least 30 words outlining what exactly they want the post to convey. Then, AI will provide users with a first draft which they can then review and edit to post. 

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The post also shared a GIF of the feature in action, showcasing how easy the process of going from an idea to a fully crafted post on LinkedIn will be with this feature. 

Keren Baruch/LinkedIn

According to the post, the feature is in its testing stage before moving broadly to all users. However, this likely means that a select group of users will be accessing the feature. 

There has been lots of backlash on the feature because people are arguing that it takes the authenticity away from LinkedIn posts. Another argument is that instead of interacting with humans on the app, it will be a bunch of chatbots interacting with each other.  

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Although this is the first time AI post-generation would be native to the app, it is also important to note that users could be using external AI chatbots for assistance in creating posts already. So even without this feature, the authenticity of any posts you see may be questionable. 

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