LinkedIn is adding AI-powered tools to help marketing professionals

Creating headlines and copy for campaigns on LinkedIn just got easier. Here's how.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
LinkedIn Copy Suggestions tool mock up

LinkedIn has been quick to adopt generative AI tools on its platform, such as AI-generated Recruiter messages and profile sections, to help both businesses and professionals reach their goals. 

On Thursday, LinkedIn introduced AI-generated Copy Suggestions, powered by advanced OpenAI GPT models. 

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The tool uses data from your LinkedIn Page and Campaign Manager settings to provide five headlines and copy recommendations that you can select from and tweak to your liking. 

The actual tool will live in LinkedIn's Campaign Manager, where marketing professionals access marketing tools for launching all sorts of ads throughout the site. 

As ZDNET previously reported, a recent study showed that generative AI could save marketing professionals over five hours per week, the equivalent of over a month a year. 

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LinkedIn's new feature is a prime example of a tool that reduces a marketer's daily workload, allowing them to improve their performance and focus on more significant tasks.

The feature is being tested in English with a small group of customers in North America. However, LinkedIn shares that it plans on increasing functionality, languages, and availability in upcoming months.  

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