linux-for-education.org = a huge resource

The open-SUSE Education Project is sponsoring a new website called linux-for-education.org. The site contains a wealth of resources for the OSS community and beyond.
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

Just a quick note tonight as I finished rebuilding our Active Directory and Windows Terminal Servers at the high school (humming along quite handily I might add, although we'll see how things go when the students hit them first thing in the morning). If you need a break from Windows land (as I certainly do right about now), then linux-for-education.org provides a wealth of learning tools, both for the open source community and educators in general.

Sponsored by the open-SUSE Education Project, the site contains

...collections of useful courses to help you better use the applications found on the Linux distributions. There are also forums, chatrooms, courses, and help materials at your disposal.

Courses range in topics from the Sugar OS to ice formations on Europa to Moodle basics and all materials are licensed under Creative Commons. The site is truly not to be missed, whether you're a *nix fan or not. It also serves as a showcase for the power of Moodle and OSS in presenting coursework.

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