Live 2000 Nuggets: Ericsson Chatboard brings finger relief

Navigational rollers under threat from a funky bolt-on keyboard for your mobile
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Typing an email or SMS message on a mobile phone can be such a test of stamina and endurance that it ought to be included in the Olympics. Well, don't bother applying for a lottery grant just yet, matey, 'coz at Live 2000 Ericsson has been showing off a keyboard for mobiles.

The Chatboard CHA-10 is a miniature qwerty keyboard, and slots onto the bottom of the phone. The 49 keys are pretty tiny, but we found that it's a damn sight easier to knock out a few words than with a keypad or roller. There are shortcut buttons for email, SMS, phonebook, and Web access too.

Don't worry about extra hassles either, coz the Chatboard is a real featherweight at 35g and measures 105x51x12mm. Looks like it's compatible with most Ericsson phones.

You also get a web page thrown in, that you can edit via your Chatboard. Sounds a bit fishy to us, but the Ericsson boys reckon you'll soon be chatting with other 'Boarders online.

And the price? £19.99 including VAT.

  • Ericsson Chatboard

  • Keyboard peripheral for Ericsson mobile phones
  • £19.99
  • 35g
  • 105x51x14mm
  • Qwerty keyboard with 49 keys
  • Shortcuts to email, SMS, Internet
  • www.ericsson.co.uk

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