Live video of the Chilean mine rescue

Updates on the Chilean mine rescue.
Written by Boonsri Dickinson, Contributing Editor

Have you been watching the miners come up, one-by-one? The Huffington Postis keeping a live update of the rescue effort underway to get 33 miners from underground.

The New York Times has posted pictures of the men who are still underground and those who have been rescued. At last count, 12 miners have been rescued.

Getting the men out of the ground is just the beginning. CBS Newswarns that these men might have to deal with medical problems as a result of being stuck down there for 69 days. Respiratory infections and retinal damage are possible.

The odds the miners survived at all is something to marvel about, according to Yahoo News:

No one in recorded history has survived as long trapped underground as the 33 men. For the first 17 days after 700,000 tons of rock collapsed around them Aug. 5, no one even knew whether they were alive. In the weeks that followed, the world was transfixed by their endurance and unity.

Soon, we will hear their tales of survival.

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