Locus adds water module to environment software application portfolio

Water management problems capture more attention from environmental technology player Locus.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

This might not be every company's problem, but environmental software application provider Locus Technologies, has added a groundwater remediation and monitoring module to its core Web-based service portfolio. I only wish I could figure out how my dear friend could use this project. She's on month seven or eight of a groundwater contamination nightmare in her front yard.

In any case, the new Locus application bears the rather self-explanatory name, Long Term Monitoring Optimization, and it plugs into Locus' environmental information management (EIM) application.

Locus claims that its software incorporates many of the analytics information and best practices knowledge associated with similar applications such as the Monitoring and Remediation Optimization System originally developed by the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment, with this caveat: the calculations are all performed under the umbrella of the main EIM tool, which makes it is easier to review the information in the context of your overall environmental strategy. Locus also offers a number of visual reporting options that might be needed for compliance purposes.

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